Friday 14 February 2014

Women in sci-fi


   In Autumn 2010 Tricia Sullivan noted that only one woman won the Clarke award in the noughties, compared with 5 in its first decade. In 2011 Damien Walter asked readers to name their favourite sci-fi titles. The response was this, out of 500 suggestions, 20 were by women - 4%! The debate spiked again last year with the all male Clarke shortlist, so over the last few years there have been lots of useful discussions about women in publishing and women's writing more generally (especially in sci-fi, fantasy and horror). 
   Here I want to start a list of useful posts, lists and websites (in no particular order):
Good discussions and lists here and here at Torque Control and a fabulous resource SF by Women, 2001-2010.

SF Mistressworks is a brilliant site full of excellent reviews

Great list here from Nina Allan.

Female Invisibility Bingo

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