Tuesday 14 January 2014

Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule - Quiz answers

These are my answers to the 2013 Christmas Quiz from Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule. I'm not sure I've taken long enough to do it but it was great fun.

1) Favorite unsung holiday film 
A bit of a cheat - Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House. Watched it at Xmas when I was young so I have a kind of romantic attachment to it.
2) Name a movie you were surprised to have liked/loved
Sholay -  love it!
3) Ned Sparks or Edward Everett Horton?
Edward Everett Horton
4) Sam Peckinpah's Convoy - yes or no?
5) What contemporary actor would best fit into a popular, established genre of the past
Marion Cotillard - noir
6) Favorite non-disaster movie in which bad weather is a memorable element of the film’s atmosphere 
Groundhog Day
7) Second favorite Luchino Visconti movie
Death in Venice (I've only seen 2!)
8) What was the last movie you saw theatrically? On DVD/Blu-ray?
The Patience Stone and A Short Film about Love 
9) Explain your reaction when someone eloquently or not-so-eloquently attacks one of your favorite movies (Question courtesy of Patrick Robbins)
Definitely depends on how eloquent and thoughtful they are - being asked to rethink with new insights is exciting. That said I remember some idiot dissing Pitch Black as an Alien ripoff before going on to extoll Schwarzenegger. Grrrrrrr!
10) Joan Blondell or Glenda Farrell?
Joan Blondell
11) Movie star of any era you’d most like to take camping
Long list, but I'll go with Julie Christie, 1965
12) Second favorite George Cukor movie
So hard! Probably Adam's Rib 
13) Your top 10 of 2013 (feel free to elaborate!)
See previous post.
14) Name a movie you loved (or hated) upon first viewing, to which you eventually returned and had more or less the opposite reaction.
Didn't get Chinatown the first time I watched it - wtf? Love it now.
15) Movie most in need of a deluxe Blu-ray makeover.
My Favourite Year (1982)

16) Alain Delon or Marcello Mastroianni?
17) Your favorite opening sequence, credits or no credits (provide link to clip if possible)
Easy - Django (1966).
18) Director with the strongest run of great movies
Steve McQueen is on a good run! 3 out of 3, as are Haneke and Audiard . . .
19) Is elitism a good/bad/necessary/inevitable aspect of being a cineaste?
Good question! It's unneccessary and bad but sometimes I wonder if it's inevitable. It's only after immersing yourself in classics, arthouse, foreign movies etc that you realise how dumbed down most Hollywood fare is. Lots of people aren't able or encouraged to watch stuff outside their comfort zone and sometimes it's a little difficult to tempt them out of it.
20) Second favorite Tony Scott film
Unforgiveable, but as reactionary as it is, Revenge
21) Favorite movie made before you were born that you only discovered this year. Where and how did you discover it?
Watching Mark Cousins' The Story of Film and reading old Roger Ebert reviews has given me plenty to discover. I'll go for Dreyer - ALL of Dreyer.
22) Actor/actress you would most want to see in a Santa suit, traditional or skimpy
LOL - changes by the day! Rita Hayworth - traditional is fine.
23) Video store or streaming?
DVDs and Blu-rays
24) Best/favorite final film by a noted director or screenwriter
Three Colors: Red - Kieslowski
25) Monica Vitti or Anna Karina?
26) Name a worthy movie indulgence you’ve had to most strenuously talk friends into experiencing with you. What was the result?
I love Lucrecia Martel's films but they go down like a lead balloon with everyone else :-(
27) The movie made by your favorite filmmaker (writer, director, et al) that you either have yet to see or are least familiar with among all the rest
Cries and Whispers - Bergman. This year, definitely.
28) Favorite horror movie that is either Christmas-oriented or has some element relating to the winter holiday season in it
I might have to cheat a little and say Let the Right One In.
29) Name a prop or other piece of movie memorabilia you’d most like to find with your name on it under the Christmas tree.
Something sharp from Last of the Mohicans.
30) Best holiday gift the movies could give to you to carry into 2014.
It would be nice if Ridley Scott would remember how to make a great film again but I don't think its possible. I'd like The Grand Budapest Hotel to be as good as the trailer makes it look.

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