Friday 31 January 2014

School Film Club

   Watching The Selfish Giant last night (brilliant btw) I was reminded of a film club when I was at school. We were shown 6 films over a number of weeks. The films were well attended – hundreds possibly. I can remember 4 of the films: Hawk the Slayer, Gregory’s Girl, The Blues Brothers and Kes. I wish I could remember how old I was – 13 or 14 I reckon, but I’m not sure.  Some readers won’t know these films but it doesn’t matter - what’s interesting is their range: silly fantasy (though we boys loved it), romantic comedy, risqué (or boorish) comedy (Blues Brothers was a 15 cert) and serious drama. We were trusted with difficult subject matter and with films that included swearing and a little bit of bare flesh (I seem to remember!) even though we weren’t all 15.

   It made me want to come up with a list that would work for my school now– a mixture of fun, serious, provocative, romance, action and horror – whatever,  without anything too pretentious (difficult for me).  The game is to come up with a programme of six films: 15 certificates are allowed – it would be for Years 10-13, and provide a one (or two) sentence plug.  Here’s what I came up with (bearing in my mind I’m planning for a girl’s school):

·         Little Miss Sunshine (15): a dysfunctional family set off on a road trip. Very funny and one of those films you’ll want to discuss afterwards.

·         Wadjda (PG): the first film ever made by a women in Saudi Arabia, about an 11 year-old girl desperate to ride a bicycle. Sounds serious but is cheeky, funny and full of life.

·         The Bourne Identity (12): most of you love a good action film so why settle for anything less than the best. It’s Matt Damon innit?

·         Shuddh Desi Romance (12): a very modern Bollywood film – quite a bit of kissing and (even) the odd swear word (!); it's about three young Indians not sure that marriage is such a good idea.

·         Moonlight Kingdom (12): a boy and a girl, tired of the hypocrisy of the adults around them set out together to survive alone: cute, silly, whacky, bizarre and very funny.

·         Let the Right One In (15): a Swedish Vampire Horror. One of the most beautiful, moving and sad films of the 21st century.
So many films but you can only have 6.

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