Tuesday 24 February 2015

Thank you Adam Roberts

So many books - where do you start? The first book I truly loved, in my late teens - was The French Lieutenant's Woman. I read up about Fowles and discovered he loved Le Grand Meaulnes and Hardy so I read them. I discovered New York trilogy and The Invention of Solitude. Auster loved Hunger, Kafka and Melville so I read them. I started reading the Guardian. I started reading shortlists. This is not unusual I suspect.

These days it's much easier. Mike Harrison wrote lists of 'some interesting science fiction' and 'some good fantasy' on his blog a few year ago: there's still a few I haven't read. Nina Allan writes brilliantly on her blog. Strange Horizons is a fantastic resource. China Mieville is always recommending good books in interviews. There are more shortlists than ever before and there is still the Guardian. Over time you decide who you can trust and you can easily follow your favourite critics and authors.

Not in any kind of weird, stalkerish way of course.


Anyway, Adam Roberts it seems, has stopped blogging on Sibilant Fricative. I can't have any complaints obviously - I just try to enjoy things when they are there. Also, I have no idea how the man finds the time to do all the things he does. This is a simple thank you for all the thoughts and laughs you've provoked over the years (with Punkadiddle too) and all the great recommendations. Hopefully you'll still write for the Guardian, Strange Horizons, etc.

Great Kitschies shortlists btw!

Here's a bit of Love and Death too:


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