Tuesday 3 June 2014

May films

   Most Hollywood comedies are crap so when Henry Barnes gave Bad Neighbours 4 stars in the Guardian I went along. [sighs] I watched it all the way through and laughed a couple of times near the end when the two main characters have a fight - funny like The Three Stooges, but for the most part its fairly dull and embarrassing. 

    Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron just about keep you watching  At least its not as offensive as many of them - Ted anybody? On the other hand Blue Ruin got a 'meh' on the Guardian film show but it's tense and compelling throughout. I can't wait to see Lukas Moodysson's We Are the Best and Lenny Abrahamson's Frank again on Blu-ray - they are I suspect minor gems.

   Two eminently watchable blockbusters in Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past and Maleficent was rather good too: could Hollywood actually have a decent year?

   Katell Quillévéré's Suzanne was every bit as good as I hoped and I finally got round to watching Jessica Hausner's Lourdes, Takashi Miike's 13 Assassins, Clio Barnard's The Arbour and Ben Wheatley's Kill List.

   I rewatched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Jab We Met one Sunday afternoon (with a hangover) to celebrate my first year of Bollywood.

   And I seriously need to discuss Ulrich Siedl's Paradise trilogy with someone over a pint! Faith may be one of the most unpleasant films I've ever seen yet all three films have stayed with me.

Hopefully June won't be quite so busy and I'll be able to write some reviews.

At the cinema
  • The Muppets Most Wanted
  • Bad Neighbours
  • We Are the Best

  • Blue Ruin
  • Frank
  • Godzilla
  • X-men

  • Maleficent
On DVD/Blu-ray
  • An Autumn Afternoon (1962)
  • Suzanne

  • Jab We Met (2007)
  • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)
  • Kill List (2011)

  • Hum dil de chuke sanam (1999)
  • The Wrestler (2008)
  • Circumstance (2012)

  • 13 Assassins (2011)
  • Lourdes (2009)

  • Elena (2012)
  • The Arbour (2010)
  • Paradise: Love (2013)
  • Paradise: Faith (2013)
  • Paradise: Hope (2013)

  • Peepli Live (2010)
  • In the Loop (2009)